Well-drained growing media (was Oh No! A Boophonedisaster!)

David Nicholson d.avensis@virgin.net
Wed, 07 Oct 2009 04:07:37 PDT
I missed the first postings on this discussion so apologies if I have got 
the context wrong.

In the UK quite a few bulb growers are using cat litter as an essential part 
of their potting mix and especially so by growers of Cypripedium and 
Pleione. One particularly good grower of Cypripedium uses a mix based on cat 
litter plus 10% each of loam and fine or composted bark.

Cat litter is said to be calcinated moler clay. Certainly in the UK it is 
widely available in bags from supermarkets and garden centres with a pets 
section. Tesco Premium quality cat litter is said to be the best available 
and it is recognised that some cheaper brands break down in the potting mix 
and cause, rather than prevent, drainage problems.

A search of the Scottish Rock Garden Club Forum on "cat litter" will bring 
up a host of information.

David Nicholson
in Devon, UK. Zone 9b 

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