palm oil

James Frelichowski
Thu, 15 Oct 2009 12:16:58 PDT
Too much oleic acid is the likely cause.  We, or possibly the indians, need a higher proportion of the omega 3 in our diet (american fried food or saturated or stable oil diet especially in processed foods is low in omega 3).
I take borage or flax seed oil to at least correct the omega 3 imbalance but the pure consumption of fats and saturated stuff is another matter (need exercise I guess).
I'm not a physician but I did stay at a holiday inn express.
James Frelichowski


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Aaron asked "How is palm oil unhealthy?" 
Because, here in the US, we tend to associate heart disease with meat consumption, I was really surprised when an Indian friend called my attention to the very high rate of heart disease in India (where so many people are largely if not entirely vegetarians) and other parts of  southeastern Asia. She attributed to the high levels of palm oil consumption in those areas. 
I took her word for it and have not researched this myself, so if you are seriously interested in this, do some more research. 
Jim McKenney
Aaron asked "How is palm oil unhealthy?" 


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