Using 2 liter soda pop bottles for pots

Justin Smith
Tue, 27 Oct 2009 15:03:59 PDT
Hi All,


Being both somewhat low on the economic ladder and being fairly cheap on top of that. I use 2 Liter plastic bottles for pots. They are both durable and don't disintegrate in the sun like a lot of plastics do. Cutting the top off has always been an easy task. Though I have found a trick to that to make it easier. Lay the bottle on its side holding the bottom of the bottle in your left hand. (reverse if your a lefty) With a sharp knife pierce the bottle just a little to the right of the top of the label. (or just a little to the right of where you want to top of the pot to be. Rotate the bottle so the slit you jut made is on the bottom, and insert the top blade of a pair of scissors into the slit. It is easier to cut along the label this way to give you a pot with no drain holes. 


If you like bog plants your really got just the thing. Most of us though want some drain holes in the bottom. I tried so many different methods of making holes in the bottom that nothing really ever worked out quite right. Then a few weeks ago I got serious with trying to find just the right method. Then after hours of searching I came across the perfect method. A soldering iron. Plug in the soldering iron and set your soon to be pot down in front of you with the bottom up. When the iron is hot melt a hole to suit you. I prefer longer narrow holes. The tip of my soldering iron makes just the width I like. 


If I have the soldering iron already hot and ready to go. I can make a pot out of a 2 liter bottle in less than a minute. I was amazed at how fast and easy the soldering iron makes drain holes.


I hope this helps someone, though you do need a supply of bottles but they are fairly easy to round up.



Justin Smith

Woodville, TX 8b/9a

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