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Justin Smith
Thu, 01 Oct 2009 18:03:37 PDT

 Hi all,


Today I had to take my monthly drive to the doctors in Beaumont Texas. I spied a couple of blooms along the road and of course I did not have my camera. So I had to grab my camera after I got back home and hit the road. The first flowers I saw were something not many here would care about it, since it is not a bulb but it was pretty non the less. Cardinal flower. First time for me to see it blooming along the road.


The next thing I saw I posted a pic of it on flickr. It was a bulb blooming, though the wind was blowing a gale. I had a hard time getting a pic that was not all blurry. I was hoping someone could confirm my tentative ID for it. I am thinking it is Crinum americanum. 


A link to the pic:


Also if anyone would like to take a look at this a pic of my Liatris I have growing. This pic shows a Liatris with normal blooms and a Liatris  with rather not normal blooms.…


A close up pic of the Liatris with not normal blooms.…


Anyone able to venture a guess if this is just a genetic defect or something else?



Thanks all



Woodville, TX 8b/9a
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