Use of Roundup

Eggenberger, Richard Narad
Sat, 03 Oct 2009 09:54:18 PDT
Thank you for this valuable information, Robin.  The literature has  
stated for years not to apply under 70 degrees but I will now do so.


On 3, Oct 2009, at 11:30 AM, Robin Hansen wrote:

> Regarding Richard's comment that Roundup will not work below 70  
> degrees.  I'm sorry, but my experience over many years proves  
> otherwise.  70 degrees on the southwest coast of Oregon doesn't  
> happen but once in a blue moon, if then.
> I have used Roundup once or twice a year for years and it works very  
> well, if slowly, even if used when the temps are in the 50s.  As  
> others have mentioned, it's important not to spray when there is  
> potential for rain.  When Roundup first came out, the requirement  
> was for waiting six hours before rainfall.  The labels now state two  
> hours.  Because of the lower temps here, I still hold to the six- 
> hour rule as a precautionary measure (due to high humidity at times).
> Robin Hansen
> Southwest Oregon
> maybe 58 today...
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