Hard Water

Pamela Slate pameladaz@msn.com
Fri, 02 Oct 2009 14:11:41 PDT
Hi Marguerite and all,
We have very hard water here.  At my garden water intake valve, we have
installed an activated carbon (granular) filter cartridge to reduce the salt
build up problems.  The filters and housings we use are from Tek Supply.  While
I don’t run tests on the garden water, over the years I’ve seen no salt build up
in either raised planters or pots.  And I know I would since we have no softened
water anywhere on the property.  I’ve seen buildup in other situations here.
This has been an inexpensive solution.  

I’ve heard of (and have seen) commercial growers who install huge
reverse-osmosis systems for their propagation houses where the tiny plants are
bathed almost continually in clean water and nutrients and where any build up
would severely damage seedlings.  It’s much more costly.

Our home has a whole house filtration system that includes a prefilter for
sediment and uses a three-stage carbon block system with additional R-O for

 In addition to the filtered water in the garden, I also sometimes use vinegar
water (about a tsp or two a gallon) when hand watering cactus and succulents to
reduce pH….as well as the regular fertilizers.  


Contact me privately if you need further information about Tek or our system.


Pamela Slate
P.O. Box 5316
Carefree  AZ  85377

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