Seed, Bulb, Plant Inventory Software

Tom Mitchell
Sat, 03 Oct 2009 01:59:43 PDT
A couple of years ago I spent quite a lot of time investigating  
various relational database possibilities, aware that having made a  
choice I was unlikely to want to change my mind. In the end I went  
for Filemaker, a database program similar to Microsoft Access in  
concept but much easier for a layman to work with. It's available in  
Mac and Windows versions (important for me, because I'm a Mac  
devotee). Anyone who is contemplating purchasing a database program  
should at least consider Filemaker as an alternative to Access or the  
various open source alternatives. For what it's worth, the JC  
Raulston Arboretum database manager, who has long experience of both,  
told me recently that she regards Filemaker as vastly superior to  
Access for horticultural applications. Her boss, who dislikes  
computers, agreed. Tasks like importing and exporting text or Excel  
files are extremely simple and, once you have filled it with data,  
using the database to generate reports (e.g. 'give me a list of all  
blue-flowered bulbs, acquired through PBS, flowering between March  
and May' is straightforward). I'd recommend it highly and would add  
that a good relational database can become an immensely powerful tool  
over time, if the data it contains are accurate. Email me privately  
if you have specific questions and I'd be happy to answer them if I can.

Tom, Zone 8 (Nerine in full flower, Colchicum going over and  autumn  
Crocus species starting)

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