L. maximowiczii syn with variety tigrinum

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David Pilling has pointed out my apparent miss quote in relation to the taxonomy on the WIKI page by Gerry Danen. Whether as first refer to by myself, or the phrasing corrected by David to " the variety maximowiczii synonymous with variety tigrinum has orange flowers" , this latter correction or phrasing is never the less still taxonomically inaccurate, there is no such Lilium taxon in the botanical literature. Firstly Lilium maximowiczii as currently understood is a taxon at species level which in the past has on occassion been taxonomically incorrectly treated as a variety / varietas of Lilium leichtlinii, which latter lily is in fact restricted in distribution to Japan and is by the Japanese and other authorities regarded as an albino forma of Lilium maximowiczii, i.e. Lilium maximowiczii var.leichtlinii

Secondly, the taxon refered to as "tigrinum" on the WIKI page on this basis remains in fact a synonym for Lilium lancifolium Thunberg [1794] wheras Lilium tigrinum Ker-Gawler [1810] has never as far as I have have been able to discover in almost all the literature published on Lilies from the early 19th century in the library here has it ever been refered to as "variety tigrinum", were it to have been so, what was it supposed to have been a variety of?. Here may be a confusion or misunderstaning between the taxonomy references at species, subspecies and varietas levels. 

To summarise, "tigrinum" at any level is a synonym for Lilium lancifolium which may it seems indeed eventually prove to be a synonym itself for that of an earlier published name, namely Lilium pseudotigrinum, however both Stephen Haw and I are checking this out right now. As Stephen rightly remarks, sometimes dare we say, the so called 'obscure' foreign journals were not always specifically accurate as to the date[s] of their publication, intention to publish by or on xx/xx/xx were on occasions not met with precisely for a variety of reasons, but we are checking that.


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