Hyacinthoides lingulata

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 27 Oct 2009 10:54:53 PDT

As Lauw suggests the plant Jim McKenney calls Scilla linguata 
ciliolata seems to be accepted now under the name Hyacinthoides 
linguata so that is how we have it listed on the wiki. When Lauw 
talked about the bulb helping to define this I took a picture of it, 
but never had time to add it, but just did so now. I also purchased 
this species from Jane and absolutely love it. It multiplies rapidly 
and I like it so much that I kept two pots of it this year which I 
try not to do since I'm trying to grow less not more. I need to try 
it in the ground. It is so fun to have a bluish flowering autumn 
species and it is so dainty too.

When I was adding this picture to the wiki, I remembered again that 
we don't have any photos of the Hycinthoides weedy species, 
Hyacinthoides hispanica that so many people grow. I don't have time 
to add any pictures for anyone else, but perhaps one of those people 
who understand how the wiki works and have a photo might like to supply one?

Mary Sue

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