Lilium nomenclature

David Trout
Fri, 09 Oct 2009 19:37:11 PDT

Jim McKenney wrote, among many other things, "there are limitations on how
we can express ourselves on this list, limitations which sometimes introduce 
their own problems."
He may have been referring to italics but these limitations seem to crop up
elsewhere as well, since I am not sure what he was trying to say here:
"By the way, David, I’ve got loads of bulbs of Lilium majoense, L. catesbaei,
L. iridollae, and L. spemperviviodes - all named in the spirit of your
method – if you are interested in a trade. Funny, they all look a lot like
the roots of Ranunculus ficaria".

Firstly I am not sure to what method he is referring,  and secondly I think
I detect a hint of sarcasm. Never the less, Jim, I've been told 
not to "distribute" bulbs without "their history", (I wonder how far back
"their history" would have to go before distribution would be OK?), and 
besides I am not interested in "lesser celandine". (yes I looked it up on
the internet).
Thanks anyway! (insert sincere smiley face here)

zone 6b


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