late blooming Amaryllis belladonna

Thu, 01 Oct 2009 23:44:59 PDT
Interesting that you brought up this suject. Some years ago I bought  exacly 
the same 'lot'; I selected out  the pink veined plants: they are  much 
smaller  and very late flowering (they are of interest for these features). 
They could be related to   the group Bidwell hybrids, but is is just a  wild 
Here the dark pink Amaryllis, those  who relied on natural rainfall  of mid 
september,  are just finishing off (they ressemble much those of Mary sue). 
Now we are waiting for  the Amaryllis in question  to finish off the season. 
 I have spent some time selecting  special flowers out of  random pollinated 
sowings, which could be promising.  Now when most flwers are gone I still go 
on selecting on the colour of the stems which a good indication of the 
intensity of the various pink flowers.  Very time consuming longterm affair 
with the thousands of bulbs growing here.   I should ask our experts like 
Jim Lykos to put a name to the various forms here, but that is  once  the 
selling season has slowed down a bit.
Lauw de Jager
South of France

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Most of my Amaryllis belladonna and hybrids finished a few weeks ago ... but 
these just came into bloom the last day or two.  Store bought bulbs bought 
late and discounted to 50 cents ... were advertised as 'White' belladonnas 

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