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David Nicholson
Mon, 05 Oct 2009 11:41:55 PDT
Jane McGary wrote

" It has been mentioned that the name Colchicum parnassicum is  misapplied 
in cultivation to
C. laetum hort. However, the Archibalds offer seed of a documented 
collection of C. parnassicum, which I am growing though it is not  mature 
enough to flower yet, so in spite of being misapplied in  gardens it is 
apparently a valid name -- at least at some point in
 the unsatisfactory nomenclature of this genus........"

Reference to the Kew Monocot Check List, see…

shows Colchicum parnassicum to be an accepted name with an Homotypic synonym 
of C. lingulatum var. parnassicum, and a Heterotypic synonym of C. 
neopolitanum. C. laetum is also accepted with the Homotypic synonym of C. 
byzantinum var. laetum.

David Nicholson
in Devon UK Zone 9b

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