Killing Oxalis

Kenneth Hixson
Fri, 02 Oct 2009 14:04:10 PDT
Dear Members
	Ina wrote:  I am fascinated to see all the messages about oxalis, as 
the one we have
here is a dreadful weed, multiplies by seed, runners, bulbs, any way at

	I'm not sure if I've ever posted this, but I have fair success
killing Oxalis by spraying with salt and vinegar.  One tablespoon salt
in a gallon of vinegar.  Sprayed on with a little hand sprayer, such
as those sold to spray household cleaners, window cleaners, etc.
	One application will not kill all oxalis plants, but it does
kill some, and mostly doesn't hurt other plants.  If used in an area
which doesn't get much rainfall, the salt buildup would eventually
be a problem, but here it isn't.
	Mulching with several thicknesses of paper or cardboard is
also fairly successful, if the oxalis can't crawl out from under the
mulch.  If it does, just apply more paper/cardboard.


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