Hard water on bulb containers in greenhouse.

Marguerite English meenglis@meenglis.cts.com
Fri, 02 Oct 2009 12:53:34 PDT
I need some advice about hard water from my well.

California well water is often laden with minerals that cause some 
plants to sicken or die. I am considering adding a filter or ??? to my 
greenhouse waterline.

What kinds of devices will work to filter out the minerals? I have 
always read that the water softeners commonly used on houses will kill 
plants. Have some of you experienced this problem? What kind of filter 
systems might be used instead? Has anyone installed a filter system and 
if so, what brand name did you use. I am also considering the use of 
water saved during my rainy season, but I have no idea how much water I 
use in the greenhouse over a year. Have any of you attempted any of 
these solutions, and how did you go about it. Thanks for your discussion 
on this.

Marguerite English

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