Lily nomenclature

Justin Smith
Thu, 08 Oct 2009 19:58:48 PDT
Hi All,


After reading this I was saddened. 


> I hope the above is in some way helpful but I think in future I would be better to keep my counsel because the very last thing I want is to upset anyone, life is just too short and there are way too many nice folk around to inadvertently upset any of them.
> Iain


So let me get this straight. Mary Sue says Iain is an "expert" on Lilium, and that most of the rest of us are "gardeners" of which I am. It is us "gardeners" that rely on the experts for advice and information. An "expert" gives input on naming and now says he wont share his knowledge because people got upset because he said a few words about naming?


Would someone please tell me how this is good thing?  The best way for us to learn is through discussion and conversation. Without either, this club is just a bulb exchange, (By the way Dell does a fantastic job!!!) but the bulb exchange was not the reason for me to join. I joined because I wanted to learn as much as I can about bulbs and growing them.


Should we not be trying to encourage more "experts" into contributing rather than trying to discourage them?



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