The Bulb Garden

Jane McGary
Mon, 26 Oct 2009 10:21:24 PDT
Thanks to Marguerite English for her long service as editor of our newsletter!

And thanks to recently joined member Jane Merryman for volunteering 
to help us continue with this service to PBS members.

I'll be assisting with gathering articles for the next few issues, so 
if you have an idea that hasn't quite taken form yet, please get in 
touch with me and I can help with that.

We do like to get photos to accompany the articles, but we also have 
a photo archive available if you are a writer but not a photographer.

Marguerite pointed out, and I'll repeat, that if you're a member of 
this list but not of the PBS, you're missing out on the newsletter, 
and also on the tempting offers of the Bulb and Seed Exchange (BX) 
that are posted from time to time here.

With best regards to all,
Jane McGary
President, Pacific Bulb Society

At 06:22 PM 10/25/2009, you wrote:
>    The current issue of The Bulb Garden is in the mail.    If you are a
>member, and do not receive it in a timely fashion, please write Arnold
>Trachtenberg  ( ) for assistance.   This issue has
>some great articles.  There is one on alliums native to serpentine areas
>of California written by Nhu Nguyen, and one by Robert Werra on growing
>Moreas.  If you haven't joined the organization yet, there is still time
>to do so and get a copy of these informative articles with their
>beautiful pictures.

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