Lachenalia in the ground

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 12:33:22 PDT
I have upside down terra cotta pots where snails are bad, which they 
love, so can dispose of them that way.  Also use Quash, a NZ snail and 
slug killer which has iron as it's base so doesn't harm birds etc.

The Lachenalias survive just fine, and have now finished here.


Auckland New Zealand

So: does anyone grow Lachenalia outdoors in Mediterranean climates plagued
with gastropods? How do you do it?

Max Withers
Oakland CA

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 21:37:21 -0500
From: Justin Smith <>
Subject: [pbs] uncanny smarts from a very dumb bulb
Today the north wind was blowing in a nice cool breeze. So I started potting
up some bulbs that had outgrown their pot last winter. I had them tucked
away in my house for the constant temp and humidity free climate. Lachenalia
uridiflora, their name tag showed. When I looked inside the paper bag I
noticed that they had already started to sprout. If they had a voice I think
they would say that I was too slow at getting them into some soil.

Woodville, TX 8b/9a

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