Fri, 09 Oct 2009 01:12:10 PDT
Still only able to see the distant one.  An important character in Kniphofia identification is flowering time.  Can I presume that it is flowering now and that you are in New Zealand.  This would mean that it is a late winter spring flowering species/hybrid.  If this is the case, along with the quite glaucous foliage, K. sarmentosa (or what is sold as K. sarmentosa, as many so called species in cultivation are usually hybrid seedlings) is a likely option.  The other possibility, not being familiar with New Zealand seasons, is K. ensifolia subsp. ensifolia, but I would expect the stamens to be more visible and the leaves broader.

However, pinning down cultivated Kniphofia is notoriously difficult, there are just too many unnamed hybrid seedlings out there.


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