tulip seeds and germination

Carolyn Fra pandi_bear@bigpond.com
Sun, 25 Oct 2009 17:55:38 PDT
Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for this, :o) 
This come just at the right time for me. 
I have some nice big tulip pods nearly ready for collection.

(Tasmania, Australia)

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My conclusion is that for this species, and perhaps for most tulips,  
it is worth sorting out the light colored, small, misshapen seeds,  
and keeping the larger, darker seeds. If you want every one of them  
to germinate, it's also worth sorting those with visible embryos out  
from the rest, though there will be significant germination from  
seeds without visible embryos, so long as the seeds are large, well  
shaped, and at least somewhat brown to dark brown.

Pacific NW Coast, zone 8, where the next rainstorm is beginning to  

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