Xerophyta retinervis

Marie-Paule marie-paule.opdenakker@pandora.be
Tue, 29 Sep 2009 04:01:05 PDT
Hello Justin,
I have read the link that You gave, fascinating. Justin when I bought my 
plant they send it with no roots, that is what I was remembering now, so I’m 
afraid that is maybe the problem that the plant won’t grow? I hope not, 
because You mentioned that they hate repotting. It was send with now soil, 
so that is repotted from the nursery to me.

So if that is the problem do they make roots again? L

Kind Regards,


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Hi Leo,

I got my seed from Silverhills seed in SA. I had very good germination. I 
put the seed in a sandy/peat mix. I then put the water to them and kept them 
wet when they sprouted. With lots of sun and water they grew with no 
problems at all. Though if you transplant them and they are small they will 
die. They don't like having their roots disturbed so plant them very thinly. 
It is my understanding that they also like having their roots cramped in a 
small space.

Check out this link if you have not already


There is one key phrase in this that is important. "...seasonally high 
rainfall regions..."

I hope that when you forgot to water that you did not throw it out!  It is a 
resurrection plant and will turn totally brown and dead looking when dried 

I dried out one of my plants and gave it as a gift. lol The lady thanked me 
but gave me a rather disgusted look. She later told me she could not believe 
that a dead plant could come back to life.

There are quite a few Vellozia sp. from Brazil from what I can find out. 
Though information on growing them is non-existent online. I gather also 
that they are not as tolerant of wet roots as X. retinervis.

Take care


Woodville, TX 8b/9a

> Hello Justin,
> How did you get plants? I got seeds to sprout many times but they never
> grew. They just sat there for months to a year, tiny, until I forgot to
> water.
> I was told some related Brazilian Vellozia species are in cultivation at
> Bonn. The Vellozia I saw in Brazil and Madagascar grew either on rocks in
> shallow detritus mats or in shallow sand over rocks.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA

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