Narcissus pachybolbus

Jim McKenney
Tue, 01 Sep 2009 14:47:07 PDT
Jim Waddick wrote: “Yes it does look like a paper white in bloom... a very
teensy tiny paper white. If anyone is looking for a floral display, a cut
flower or any kind of show, this is NOT the Narcissus for you. I consider it
a collector's item that I am done collecting and passing along.”


Jim Waddick, this makes me wonder if we are growing the same thing as
Narcissus pachybolbus. Yes, the flowers are smaller than those of the
paperwhites I know, but they are not that much smaller. 


And the flowers of what I grow as Narcissus pachybolbus are hardly the
smallest Narcissus I know – in fact, the flowers of N. pachybolbus are about
three times the size of some daffodils. 


Long ago Bowles pointed out that the apparent size of the flowers of N.
pachybolbus is partly a result of so many flowers being crowded onto a
disproportionately stout, long stem. He compared the blooms to those of N.
dubius. and noted that on a plant of the stature of  N. dubius such blooms
do not seem so small. 


If you want to see “teensy tiny” in Narcissus, look to some of the elfin



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