Xerophyta retinervis

Marie-Paule marie-paule.opdenakker@pandora.be
Fri, 25 Sep 2009 01:55:25 PDT
Hello ,

I have a Xerophyta r. I have it since previous year, but it doesn’t do
anything for me. I was told that it must be looked after as a cactus? The
plant stands in pumice and at the surface a layer of orchid mix, I don’t
know if this is the good mix. What mix do You have please. Where do You have
stand it? A lot of questions but thank You in advance for reading it. I hope
like You that maybe some people have more experience with it and share it
with us?

Kind Regards,


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 Hi all,

Has anyone tried growing Xerophyta retinervis? I found on the internet some
old PBS forum notes about this plant but not much information.

I have grown this plant for the past 3 years and find it totally amazing and
very hard to kill. Anyone else grow them?

Justin Smith

Woodville, TX zone 8b/9a

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