BX 101-200 list

Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Sat, 26 Sep 2009 22:31:17 PDT
Hi everyone,

March of this year saw the 200th BX offering from the PBS. Now that we have
moved beyond the 200 number, there is a need to have these items recorded. I
have just finished compiling a list for BX 101-200. It is ready for download
from on the PBS homepage (pacificbulbsociety.org) along with the list for BX

These lists represent an important living part PBS, the BX. With them, we
now have a good idea of what members are growing, and in the US, they will
help if import restrictions are placed by the USDA. I have computed some
statistics for the 101-200 list that I think would be interesting to

The list started with BX 101 (September 2005) and ended with BX 200 (March
2009). This represents 3.5 years of activity. During this time, 1830 items
were offered with an average of 18.3 items per BX or 42.6 items per month.
The average number of BX's per month is 2.3! This means that Dell made an
average of 2 a little more trips to the post office each month, although
this number ranged from 1-4. There was not a single month during this period
where Dell is free. September through December seems to be the period with
the highest intensity where he made 3-4 trips a month of the post office!

Seasonal offerings were as such: spring (235 items) < winter (288 items) <
summer (563 items) < fall (774 items). In 2006, 338 items were offered, in
2007, 508 items were offered, and 2008, 627 items were offered. This means
we saw a double in the number of items available in just 3 years!

I think these statistics are excellent news. Please join me in thanking Dell
for all the tireless and efficient work he had devoted, and still devoting,
to the BX! Furthermore, the BX would not have so many items to offer if
there weren't members contributing, so let's thank them as well. And keep
those items coming everyone. Let's beat the 2008 record!

Berkeley, CA -- some Oxalis, Zephyranthes candida, and Nerine sarniensis
hyrids are in full bloom.

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