off topic, Ruellia question

Jim McKenney
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 06:14:50 PDT
Dennis wrote: “Do any of you grow that black 

foliage Ruellia that was distributed a few years ago via NARGS seed ex?“ 


Dennis, do you mean seed of  the dwarfish one distributed by Sasha Borkovec?


If so, it’s funny that you should be asking today: I was visiting Sasha
yesterday to pick up some plants four the September plant exchange of our
local  rock garden club. I noticed the dark-foliaged form here and there in
his garden, some still in bloom. 


I won’t be able to contact him again for a week or two, but when I get the
chance I’ll ask him if he has any current seed. 


BTW, he distributed that seed to several members of our local group and all
seem to have had trouble germinating it. I have not tried my lot yet – it’s
been in the fridge since he gave it to me. If he did not collect seed this
year, I’ll share mine with you (there’s not much!). 



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