J. Agoston
Sat, 19 Sep 2009 02:56:04 PDT
Relational aspects rebuild:
Go into queries, select the query and then right click, choos the 2nd
option. Than on the upper menu line choose the third (View?) main menu
and then choos the 2nd menu (SQL view?), cut and paste, that is all.
If you can program in SQL you can add more to this part becouse the
menus and wizzards contain only the most used programming parts.

Of course you have to export the data tables to XLS or other data
formats than you have to rebuilt the relations with the "INNER JOINT"

Sorry for being complicated but I have the Office only in my own
laguage, not in english.


2009/9/18 J.E. Shields <>:
> I have found that the database in OpenOffice will not read in my MS Access
> data files.  You might have to convert Access data tables to Excel
> spreadsheets (not hard) and then import the spreadsheet files into
> OpenOffice.
> How you would rebuild the relational aspects once in OpenOffice I don't
> know.  I'd be interested in hearing how that works, or if anyone as gotten
> the OpenOffice database to read Access files directly.
> Jim Shields
> in Westfield, Indiana
> At 09:32 AM 9/19/2009 +1200, you wrote:
>>re OpenOffice I never realised there was a database in the OpenOffice.
>>Thanks Leo!  Now to find my way around it.  It has everything which
>>could possibly be wanted.  Wonderful.
>>Ina Crossley
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