"The Real" Narcissus pachybolbus

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 01 Sep 2009 20:37:19 PDT
>Jim Waddick wrote: “Yes it does look like a paper white in bloom... a very
teensy tiny paper white.

>Jim Waddick, this makes me wonder if we are growing the same thing as
>Narcissus pachybolbus. Yes, the flowers are smaller than those of the
>paperwhites I know, but they are not that much smaller.

Dear Jim and all,
	It should make you wonder. It did me.

	I went to Google images and the first hit 
was very wrong from the IBS as an obvious 
smallish white tazetta.
	It is not on the PBS wiki

	So I went to authorities- books written 
by scientists with pages, words and data.

	There were 3 sizes list for flower size:

	1.2 - 2 cm
	1.2 cm
	1.7 cm.

	These average out to 1.5 cm across or 
barely over 1/2 inch in diameter and that sounds 
right to me.

	Further errors on the web showed plants 
with rounded foliage  - my plant has fairly broad 
flat foliage.

	I could go on, but my plant seems to 
agree with that described by authorities from 
European Garden Flora to Blanchard and others.

	I suspect there's some imposters out there.

		Best		Jim W.

ps I hate to put the source of my original bulb 
on the spot, but he is on this list if he wishes 
to speak up. Ahem ??
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