Rhodophiala bifida

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Thu, 24 Sep 2009 09:42:38 PDT
My potted  Rhodophiala bifida bloomed on September 5th and is long finished. 
and one clump planted out I  had in bloom on the week that school started 
with the second flush was a week ago (or was it the 3rd?).  This clump has a 
large number of leaves and did not miss a year after planting out.  At 4 
other locations they have all come up at different times with today perhaps 
the last one.  All locations of  Rhodophiala bifida have been hardy for me 
with the unmulched ones that are deep planted with just a couple leaves. 
The vigorous one is planted shallow and heavily mulched planted next too My 
Crinum bulbispermum that had 4 spikes this summer.  I assume that deep 
planted ones take longer to get established.  My potted Lycoris radiata is 
just peeking out of the soil but none in the ground are showing.  I have 
Lycoris planted close to each Rhodophiala bifida.  I have one Sternbergia in 
bloom while other locations are not up at all.  All of these I have had for 
just 3 growing seasons. Autumn crocus are finished.  Update: Today 
Sternbergias and Lycoris radiata planted out are coming up.
Frank Cooper
zone 5b
Central Illinois

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> It's in full bloom here in Oswego, NY (in pots).
> Ellen
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>>Where else is it blooming now?
>>Jim McKenney
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