Narcissus pachybolbus

James Waddick
Tue, 01 Sep 2009 13:36:21 PDT
>Note the spelling of the species is "pachybolbus" (vowels got
>reversed). It is regarded as a good species by Blanchard but he notes
>that Webb proposes lumping it with N. papyraceus; it comes from North

Dear Jane,
	Thanks for the correction. I had a very old faint label to guess from.

	Yes it does look like a paper white in bloom... a very teensy 
tiny paper white. If anyone is looking for a floral display, a cut 
flower or any kind of show, this is NOT the Narcissus for you. I 
consider it a collector's item that I am done collecting and passing 

	On the plus side the flowers are so tiny and prefect that 
they are a good conversation piece in a garden club.

			Enjoy		Jim W.
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