S. cinnabarinus and G. hyacinthina

Ronald Redding ron_redding@hotmail.com
Wed, 09 Sep 2009 15:38:57 PDT


I can not see any flowers in your photos however I agree that the leaves of your plant are probably scadoxus however could be any of the species. Look forward to seeing photos of your plant in flower when they are available. If it has not yet flowered I am at a loss as to how you are able to be so sure that the plant is actually cinnabarinus, could you please share that with us?

Kind Regards and Best Wishes Ron Redding Hervey Bay Australia

> From: to.sa@comhem.se
> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 00:49:29 +0200
> To: pbs@lists.ibiblio.org
> Subject: [pbs] S. cinnabarinus and G. hyacinthina
> Hi all,
> I would really appreciate if some one could send me a picture of a 
> real cinnabarinus, because this species is right now a mystery for me.
> Many pictures of this species on the net isn't cinnabarinus and I have 
> seen several pictures of this species that doesn't look similar 
> neither in spite of that many of these pictures are named to be 
> cinnabarinus even from a few reliable sources.
> And now after 1 year my G. hyacinthina has started to grow and a small 
> leaf has sprout.
> http://amstaffdogs.eu/viewtopic.php/?p=62640…
> Best regards
> Tomas Sandberg
> Sweden
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