Swedish doggy / bulbs

info@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org info@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org
Thu, 24 Sep 2009 19:17:46 PDT
Thomas I am inclined to think you have been offered some good advice 
already by others as to the suitability of what you are proposing, 
Roger in Canada's only mild mistake is on the subject of language. To 
my personal knowledge and experience virtually all the Swedish people 
with whom I have had dealings, either from here in Scotland or when 
working and travelling in Scandinavia invariably speak and read 
English often much better than those for whom it is claimed as their 
first language, a few of them in Scotland and a lot more in England.

The idea of mixing a website proposing to deal with geophytes amongst 
a wide range of gardener interests, including some high level 
professionals along with, lets be brutally frank, some of the truly 
ugliest of man made dogs ever to appear in Creation seems very odd, 
perhaps even weird. As a Scot I am all too familar with the subject 
of cost appreciation and sharing but with all due respect, at a risk 
of mixing metaphors, [I am sorry and no offence meant] however, this 
is one duck which won't quack far less fly. I also think it is 
somewhat bad mannered to try to introduce your project via the 
courtesy of the PBS folks, tolerant as they no doubt are, it comes 
across as bad form given the efforts and energies put into PBS by 
volounteers giving so much of their time, so freely. I find that I am 
able to learn much from the sidelines about what interests folks in 
western and some other parts of North America............. a very 
wide 'church' ......... both geographically and in range of 
interests.....while I doubt if they can advance their interests much 
by what happens in Sweden some of which may be on a similar latitude 
to mine here in northern Scotland but where only the most southern 
counties of Sweden can expect to grow out of doors a tiny fraction of 
the same range of genera and taxa.


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