Veltheimia from seed

Don Journet
Sun, 06 Sep 2009 02:47:59 PDT
Veltheimia bracteata from seed

     Some years ago I took part in a discussion on germinating 
Veltheimia seed in which the use of 'smoke water' or smoking the seed 
trays was recommended. At that time I indicated that I was surprised 
that there should be a need to carry out such measures as my seed was 
germinating with 95% success rate. After some debate I concluded that my 
success was due to the very fresh nature of the seed I was using.
     Now that some years have passed and I have accumulated a store of 
seed that is no longer fresh I decided to try some seed from 2004. 
Germination has still been at least 90% successful. This note is simply 
to add to the observation made back in what ever year it was (have no 
record of the e-mail from then).

Don Journet
Bacchus Marsh

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