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Hello, Anthony. Good heavens, you live in my bailiwick but I was not aware 
of you until now.

Both Narcissus and Lilium are genera broad enough to encompass several 
climates and many,.many recipes for propagation. All bulbs I have met are 
canny: smite theory and produce at least a few first-year thread leaves 
under almost any conditions.

PBS readers at large: Salt Spring Island, aka Saltspring, is one of the Gulf 
Islands between Vancouver Island and the SW coast of British Columbia. 
Members of the same archipelago south of the border, off Washington State, 
are called the San Juan islands.

Some of you are probably aware of at least two excellent growers of uncommon 
perennials and bulbs on Salt Spring, one out of business for several years, 
the other Thimble Farms, http://www.thimblefarms.com/  .

I would not consider growing both Narcissus and Lilium in quantity. Their 
demands are too different. You would have neither holidays nor efficiency.

Not that I can boast either.

Paige Woodward

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> hi,
> i am new to the list and look forward to all the great info.
> i am preparing to enter the bulb growing business, focusing on Narcissus 
> and
> Lilium, and would welcome any advice or insight from other members who may
> be in same profession. good or bad, i look forward to hearing it.
> best regards
> anthony
> i live on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Zone 8-ish, 
> cool
> moist winters and cool dry summers.
> -- 
> anthony matthews
> http://www.organicprinciple.com/
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