Oxalis triangularis? papilionaceae?

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:57:02 PDT

I have two clones of what I think must be the same Oxalis. One I bought as
O. triangularis (red leaves) and one as Oxalis papilionaceae (green
leaves.) I have in years past also bought the red one as O. vulcanicola. I
don't know what is the correct name. There are photos on the Wiki of the
red form as O. triangularis.

I have some in the house in pots and one outside under a patio cover next
to the hose bib. The one outside has survived the best, probably because I
have never forgotten to water it.

The plant isn't easy for me here in Phoenix. I have tried at least 10
times with it, starting with rhizomes and with plants. I have noticed only
about 10% of the rhizomes I have bought over the years sprout even though
they look fine when they arrive. The plant is prone to die if I repot it
while in growth. At first I would stop watering to let the plant go
dormant in the fall, but when I did this they always died and never
returned. In fact, even when they have wilted severely, they have never
come back.

Where in Brazil does this originate? What kind of habitat? Is it normally
a summer or winter grower? Is it particularly heat-intolerant? I know most
people think it's easy to grow and I'm trying to figure out why I have
trouble with it.


Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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