Dave Poole
Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:03:06 PDT
Not sure how many Australian contributors are looking in, but I'm pretty sure I've got one of these growing in a small pot.  It appeared growing on a Dicksonia 'trunk' imported into the UK from Victoria (Aus.).  I first noticed it last spring when a couple of ovate leaves appeared, lying flat against the trunk.  I carefully dug down through the root fibres of the fern in order to extract as much of the plant as possible.  The leaf pair came away with a section of white rhizome and no roots so I inserted it into a small pot of live sphagnum moss, kept it very moist and over a period of several months it resumed growth.  

Last winter the leaves died back and I opened up the compost to discover a few pea-sized tubers attached to 2mm. thick, fleshy white rhizomes plus a few long white roots nearly as thick s the rhizomes.  This year there are 3 small rosettes and they appear to be doing OK growing in a mixture of peat, sphagnum moss and sharp sand.  Leaves are deep green, 3- 4 cms long, 1.5 - 2cm. wide and with a matt almost crystaline surface texture.  Last year I thought it might be Chiloglottis, but each rosette produces several leaves, which sort of rules that and allied genera out.  Are there any Pterostylis species prone to growing on tree fern trunks?  It's early days yet for a flower and subsequent positive ID, but it would be good to learn of any likely 'suspects'.  

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