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Susan B honeybunny442@yahoo.com
Wed, 09 Sep 2009 09:46:02 PDT
Hi everyone,
I agree with Celeste.  I bought my bulbs from bulbsdirect.com, they come from the Netherlands.  I've never noticed any mottling, but after reading Shawn's note I went outside to look at mine- they do exhibit some browning on the edges of the leaves, which I attribute to sunburn.  My plant in the shade is blooming for the second time right now, and it has a wonderful, sweet-soapy smell.  
Mine usually bloom the beginning of July.
Susan, in East TN zone 6 where it is downpouring and sunny at the same time.

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Good day everyone,

I think I understand what Shawn is saying but I don't believe the crinkled leaves are a disease.  My x Crinums and some other evergreen bulbs exhibit the same thing.  In the Spring the new growth is beautiful but as the summer heats up and the winds blow, the leaves look mottled and crinkled.  I think it might be environmental stress.

Celeste in Phoenix, AZ where we are getting some heat relief.  We may be under 100 degrees today. 

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The bulbs I sent to the BX last month never produced diseased

Richard Wagner
Vista, CA

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Dear all,

Every Amarcrinum plant I've received, from the BX or otherwise,
has had its leaves mottled, striped, or distorted by what I
think is a virus.  The leaves in these pictures don't appear too
bad from the distance used in the photographs.  Are there
"clean" sources for Amarcrinum?

Shawn Pollard
Yuma, AZ



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