Anyone an expert on native Liatris and Lilium of Texas?

Justin Smith
Fri, 11 Sep 2009 20:55:45 PDT
Hi all,


After finding some very rare Salene subciliata (not a bulb)yesterday, I went back today to take some pics of the beautiful red flowers. I am always elated to add some pics to my wild flower pic collection. I decided to drive up and down the road a little and see if anything else stood out. After only going about 20 yards/meters (yes I know they are not exactly the same but hey they are close enough for guesstamits) I saw a sight that nearly gave me a heart attack. It was two beautiful lilium blooming,  not but a very short distance from the road. 


These were not the typical white Easter type lily that grows here. I have no idea if these are "native" or just naturalized but they were certainly unexpected and very beautiful. The flower had yellow center with red on the outer portion. With red dots all in the yellow. They drooped down like Tiger lilies. The pollen thingies were large and red in color. I walked but just a couple of steps when I saw a few more plants but with seed pods. Each plant had one flower per stalk. They were on top of a small embankment that let me look them over at near eye level. I was all giddy burning their exact location into my brain so I can come back and pick a few seed.


While taking more than a few pics of these lilium (about 50 pics lol) I kept looking down to make sure my footing was secure because I am not all that steady on my feet. Let alone standing on uneven ground. I spied a bloom at my feet that was odd but I paid no mind. After I took my last lilium pic a took a step back and gave this bloom at my feet a closer look. Not very pretty, off white, very sparse, short stalk, hairy long thin leaves. Looks like some kind of ugly Liatris bloom is what I think of. Kinda looks like Liatris leaves, very narrow and fuzzy. Hmmmmm I think. I scratch the earth at the base of the short lazy stalk. Slowly I see a small bulb appear just under the surface of the soil. Oh, wow! A bulb! I set my camera back up and send those electrons through my digital camera as fast as I could click the button. 


I drove the short distance home with a joyous heart and great excitement. Eager to see if any of my pics turned out. Now all I need is to find an expert of Texas Liatris and Lilium to identify them. lol


Look ahead to see where your going, Look behind you and see where you have been. Every now and then look down, you might be staning on a fire ant mound. (if you don't know what a fire ant is, consider yourself fortunate!)



Woodville, TX 8b/9a



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