Habenaria radiata

Steve Marak samarak@gizmoworks.com
Mon, 14 Sep 2009 14:55:38 PDT

Several things in your note caught my eye, and I'd appreciate any further 
comments from you or others who grow this plant. 

I don't have H. radiata, though I grow several other Habenarias in the 
greenhouse, including the "duck orchid", Pecteilis sagarikii, which is one 
in all but name (and used to be in that, as well). All have a seasonal 
dormancy, and some are touchier about it than others - the most sensitive 
rot if too wet, and dessicate if too dry. Others, like the Pecteilis, seem 
indifferent (unless kept very wet while dormant).

I've seen H. radiata advertised in several catalogs as being hardy into 
USDA zone 5 - but many of those catalogs seem to be remarkably optimistic 
in their hardiness estimates, to put it diplomatically. On the other hand, 
it's certainly possible.

Your note suggests that H. radiata will tolerate either dry or wet during 
its winter dormancy? 


On Thu, 10 Sep 2009, Jim McKenney wrote:

> Habenaria radiata (aka Pecteilis radiata, Platanthera radiata) is blooming
> here now. This is such a cool little plant, and it’s easily grown.
> Past experience here has shown that while the plants are winter hardy here
> in the bog trays, the plants are so small that they get lost in such a
> setting. For me it has been easier to grow them in a low pot during the
> summer and store the corms in the refrigerator during the winter. I keep it
> wet during the summer and dry during the winter, and so far that has worked
> for me for years. 

-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@gizmoworks.com

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