Seed, Bulb, Plant Inventory Software

Michael Mace
Fri, 18 Sep 2009 13:12:48 PDT
Dianne wrote:

>> Does anyone have a software program they are using and like it?

I was keeping my records in Excel for a while, but what I really wanted was
something I could bring with me to plant sales (so I would stop buying the
same plant twice), and which I could carry around with me in the garden to
take notes.  So I got a database on a PDA.

The latest version I'm using runs on the Apple iPod Touch, and is called
HanDBase.  It's not perfect, since you need to set up the database structure
yourself.  But if you have an existing spreadsheet you can import that and
it'll do the basic structure for you.

Hope that helps.

San Jose, CA

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