a non-flowering iris

Kathleen Sayce ksayce@willapabay.org
Tue, 29 Sep 2009 19:03:14 PDT
What leads you to believe your plant is any iris at all?
	The gestalt of the plant leads me to think it is an iris; it lacks  
leafy stems like grasses.
The leaves are clearly iris-like, the roots are iris-like, without  
stolons or other grass features.
Also, there is no sign of bulbs, corms, rhizomes or other below  
ground portions that would
lead me to suspect membership in other families.

Do you have pictures you can post or give specifics?
	I don't have a flickr or other web image account right now to post  
pictures. But it is a logical
next step to make IDs easier. Thanks for the suggestion.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I should increase fertilizer, compost, or do  
something else to try to
trigger flowering next year?

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