Fritillaria camschatcensis germination

Ellen Hornig
Mon, 05 Apr 2010 14:36:53 PDT
I *think* I'm remembering correctly that it's been reported on this list 
that dry seed of F. camschatcensis is dead, period, and not worth sowing. 
If so, I have to report my experience contradicts this.  I have several seed 
pots that were sown in 11/08 and 12/08, some of seed from my own plants and 
some NARGS seed (wild-collected F. camschatcensis from Alaska), and they're 
all germinating like grass now.  They've been in a greenhouse which is kept 
close to freezing in winter, and generally as cool as possible otherwise, so 
that in a modified way it follows the seasons (it gets converted to a 
shadehouse in late spring).

I know both batches of seed were plenty dry when they were sown, though they 
were harvested in 2008 (so they weren't all that old).  Just thought this 
might be of interest.


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
3712 County Route 57
Oswego NY 13126 USA 

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