fritillaria experts to the rescue

Adam Fikso
Sun, 25 Apr 2010 16:54:02 PDT
Hello-- going on line.  and putting in__ tears of Mary frittilaria--yields 
the information that the plant is called this in Farsi.  Nothing about the 
nectar in particular.  But a number of other plants are so designated-- or 
with other Christian references

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>    Hi, all. I am wondering if any of you can talk to me about these 
> wondrous cups of liquid inside the bell-shaped flowers of fritillaria. Are 
> these unique to the imperialis varieties? A woman I'm profiling referred 
> to them as "tears of mary." Have any of you ever heard this expression?
>    What is the liquid--is it nectar?
>    Any information totally appreciated.
>    Thanks---
>    Anne Marie//WSJ.
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