Bulb fly season has begun

Bracey Tiede tiede@pacbell.net
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:58:06 PDT
The big orange bee (we call them Bob)  are Valley Carpenter Bees (male) .
The females are shiny black with few hairs.  The standard Carpenter Bee is
fuzzy and black.  This applies to the SF Bay Area.  Don't know about other

San Jose CA

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Perhaps this is a carpenter bee.  They've been around here(Oakland) for 
a couple of weeks this year. 
The ones I see are not  fuzzy and fly much more quickly than a bumblebee.
Liz W

Max Withers wrote:
> Oh no. I just spotted what I thought was a giant (~1") all-black 
> bumblebee a few miles south of Nhu. Has anyone seen a yellow-free color 
> form of M. equestris before?
> Max Withers
> Oakland CA
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