Family classification

David Fenwick Snr.
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 15:02:00 PDT
Hi Roland,
The best change I can think of is with some of the North American Aster 
species some of which have gone to Symphyotrichum; although that's only a 
genus change, even more eye opening for me was in the transfer of Viburnum 
and Sambucus from the Caprifoliaceae to the Adoxaceae (Moschatel Family), a 
low growing perennial herbs.

I realise completely how hard it is to keep up with change, but I too agree 
with change, at the present time I'm trying to produce an accurate taxonomy 
for both native and alien species found in the UK and I'd rather get things 
right the first time. It's proving quite difficult though given the new 
floras haven't yet been published. Apparently it will be soon so when they 
are it'll be good to report how bulbous families are being dealt with in 

Mary Sue, thanks for your help much appreciated, still studying your post.

Best Wishes,

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