Yellow Sisyrinchium?

Alani Davis
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 08:53:02 PDT

It is very likely to be* Sisyrinchium rosulatum*. It is a small annual
non-native species which is very common in the southeastern United States at
least but I am not familiar with the extent of its spread. It is fairly
common in lawns, ag fields, roadsides, as well as occasionally in areas of
less human disturbance. The flowers can range in color from a off white
color to cream to bright yellow. I am not as familiar with the diversity of
*Sisyrinchium *species in Texas as I am with those further east, but I think
all the native species in this region are blue, violet or purple aside from
the occasion pigment-free white ones that occur is some populations.…

Alani Davis
Panhandle Florida

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