Tropaeolum brachyceras

Jim McKenney
Mon, 05 Apr 2010 09:13:00 PDT
Jane McGary wrote: "Also in flower here (sorry, I am not one-upping you,

Jane, you and a few other growers who have been successful with these
Chilean plants have been an inspiration. Ten years ago I would not even have
bothered to try these plants. 

I suspect that there must be more than two or three people in North America
who grow these plants, thus my occasional and repeated nudging for
information about them. I wish more successful growers would chime in on
this topic. 

Now to a slightly different topic. The little weedy yellow-flowered oxalis
has appeared in the bulb frame. Yesterday, when I first spotted a bit of
yellow near the Tropaeolum brachyceras site, I thought "araghhhhh... that
weedy little yellow oxalis has already spread around".  But no, what I was
looking at were the opening flowers of Tropaeolum brachyceras. Those of you
who know the big picture of plant systematics know that the Tropaeolaceae
and the Oxlidaceae are related families: the yellow of the Tropaeolum and
the yellow of the oxalis are an exact match to my eyes. 

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