Iris ID
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 22:31:03 PDT
Thanks so much for your input.  It really looks like a Siberian  species.  
It was sold to me as Iris Chrysographes but doesn't look like any  photos of 
that iris I've seen.  And the color is a nice blue. I did  look in Iris of 
China and on page 95, you mention a Gold-veined Iris.  I  haven't had time 
to go through the key and probably won't.  We just  finished the iris show.  
I put Iris versicolor on it and won a  ribbon.  A friend put in something 
she said I gave her and told her it was  an iris.  I don't have anything like 
it in my garden so I'm sure I didn't  give it to her.  I would not have 
given her my only one.  It looks  like Pattersonia to me.  She put I. Moraea on 
it and got a blue  ribbon.  See why I invited you to come speak on 
Anyway, we are still cleaning up equipment from both the SF Flower &  
Garden Show and the local iris show. Our youngest daughter, husband and our  
youngest grandchild (22 months old) are coming this weekend.  I was  scheduled 
to attend the Region 14 Spring Regional but the grandchild will come  first.  
He lives in Montana and we have only seen him 4 times.  He is  a real sweet 
little boy and neither Wayne nor I want to miss a minute of his  visit.  
Our garden is open to the public and some of our other children and  gr
andchildren are coming while the youngest is here.  One child and the  oldest 
granddaughter will probably not get time off work to make the trip.   That's why 
I probably won't have much time to figure out what iris this  is.  I took  
more photos of it today along with photos of the albino  hummingbird we have 
in the garden.  It's awesome.  It's young, so  dazzling bright and 
beautiful.  Our bearded iris are blooming well now with  buds forming on the 
Siberian, Spuria, Louisiana and Japanese. 
Enjoy the beauty of Spring flowers!
Thanks, Carolyn

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