How Do I Kill Ranunculus ficaria

Dave Poole
Fri, 16 Apr 2010 00:59:47 PDT
I agree with Dave.  The protective, waxy layer on the leaf surfaces causes 'beading' and 'run off' (due to surface tension) before Roundup or similar systemics can have much effect.  Adding about 10ml. of a good quality soap based washing up liquid per gallon of Roundup mixture prevents 'beading' and allows the solution to completely coat leaf surfaces.  If this is carried out just before nightfall or at least during cool, still, cloudy weather, evaporation is minimised and the Roundup has more time to be absorbed.  One word of warning - add the soap after you've mixed the weedkiller and agitate gently.  If you do it the other way around, there's a risk of creating a lot of foam, which is not at all helpful when you're trying to create a fine, drenching mist.  
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