Vegetative Erythronium propagation

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 23 Apr 2010 21:40:42 PDT
> Rodger:
>> Further: I have been reliably told that you can propagate  
>> erythroniums by
>> simply breaking the bulbs into several pieces and replanting.
> This is very interesting. Please tell us more!

I have found out more about it in Ian Young's article "Erythronium  
japonicum" in The Alpine Gardener, June 2009.

I think he is referring only to Eastern North American and Eurasian  

He says the bulbs are corm-like, in that they renew themselves  
yearly.  However, the old bit stays on and over the years a chain  
forms.  The old bits remain dormant while they are attached to the  
newest part, but will start to grow if they are detached.

Diane Whitehead

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