Mystery Ixia

Nick de Rothschild
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 06:09:16 PDT
Hi Mary-Sue

OK so photo no good to send as an attachment- how do I post it so people can 
see it-

I think, by the way, that it is a hybrid, it is now 4 feet tall, and a 
lovely colour. We have others that aren't so tall but similar.

You'd also know the answer to this: does Ixia Maculata have a pendulous 
flowering form- we have some that flower facing sunward- like in the PBS 
photos and others that are also yellow but the flowers point resolutely 
downwards ( like dieramas)- or are these a different species - we inherited 
the pots already labelled and I have not seen anything similr on the web.

We've got loads of lachenalia bulbs of many, many species that we can send 
out- again which way do I disseminate this info- is it by e-mailing

Best wishes

Nick de Rothschild 

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