Griffinia is worth the wait

Jacob Knecht
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 18:08:55 PDT
Dear Ron,

Nhu may chime in, but he has been growing his in the same manner, that is
with a cotton wick coming out the bottom of the pot ensuring a steady supply
of moisture.  His has done very well.

In 2004 started out with three *Griffinia* species (G. *aracensis*, *G.
liboniana*, and *G. espiritensis* var. *espiritensis*) and one possible
hybrid (…,… quite
floriferous).  All of the species came bare-root with sort of withered
roots, while the hybrid came potted and didn't miss a beat.  The species all
sulked for a year or so and *G. aracensis* never pushed leaves and died
within a year.  I wonder if I was too cautious with the water to start out.
Since 2005 I have continued growing the other two species, and in my
experience *G. espiritensis* var. *espiritensis* is much taller, faster
growing and more floriferous than *G. liboniana.* However the latter is more
tidy and less floppy with quite attractive variegation.

I have never let my plants sit in water, perhaps I am hard-wired from orchid
growing as a kid to be very afraid of letting anything but totally aquatic
plants have wet feet.  Notwithstanding I have found that as long as
temperatures aren't too cold, they have decent drainage and air movement, I
have never been able to over-water them.  They have unflinchingly taken as
much water as the copious rain of Upper Mānoa or my watering wand have given
them.  For years I have kept them under walls of mounted orchids, receiving
untold amounts of water run-off from above.  I kept the 'hybrid' in my
shower, it got water at least twice a day for a year and bloomed three times
during that time! Once *Griffinia* are established they will tolerate lots
of water.

Happy growing



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